Orient House Istanbul 2012

Istanbul is an amazing city and the holds great allure for dance.  The Orient House is a must see tourist attraction for dancers and the public.  There is a great International floor show to welcome the many ethnicities of the audience members.  The show includes samplings of the folkloric dances of each region in Turkey. There also is belly dance of course!!  What would a trip to Turkey be without it!  She was amazing and had great control of the stage and audience…she had the most hyperextended hands and fingers I have ever seen!!  Reminded me of Thai and Balinese dance I have seen.There was not a lot of softness in her torso and arms and that energy extended through to her fingertips.  There also is an audience participation section where of course they teach you to belly dance! So back in the USA, the Ms. America Contest was happening, I had the  pleasure of seeing Alnisa (Ms. America) on stage at the Orient House in Istanbul!  Of course there was Ms. Saudi Arabia, Ms. Germany, Ms. Denmark!!!  Fun Time.

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