Some say that the cradle of civilization is somewhere in Iraq. I think as women we know right where it is!!!
The pelvic floor  is comprised of muscles and connective tissue around the vagina and anus. The pelvic floor controls both the anus and urethral sphincter- the latter being the muscle that controls the flow of urine and contracts during orgasm. The pelvic floor is the supporting structure for all organs between the pubic bone and tailbone. There is also a fascial connection between the lower abdominals and the pelvic floor. Daily activity, utilizing a full range of movements through the hip joints, pelvis and torso are essential in keeping your floor healthy and functioning well.

Contract your sphincter muscles, which surround the urethra ,vagina and rectum. Do not tighten your but, or abdominal wall. You want to keep up a feeling and sense of expansion in the pelvic floor at all times.  You may feel a response in your lower abdominals, because of the fascial connection that is shared. Hold for 6 seconds and release slowly. Hold this sense of contraction for 6 seconds and release slowly. Repeat 6-10 times.  You can use the visualization of a flower opening with your inhale and it returning to a bud on your exhale to aid in this movement.
Sense your sphincter muscles again between the rectum and vagina.  Lift as far as you can and use the patterns of holding and repetition as above.  You can use a visualization of an elevator going up one floor at a time, and on release the elevator going down. Remember, don’t use any accessory muscles, buttocks, or tighten your jaw or face in concentration!  We want to gain some control in isolating the pelvic floor while it is supported, from the abdominal wall, despite them being so intrinsically enmeshed, for some of our more forceful, staccato type movements.

Ideally, you need to do this while you are breathing.  It doesn’t help us to innervate our pelvic floor while we are  holding our breath. You want to start to feel the relationship between a normal breath where the diaphragm mobilizes normally and a responsive pelvic floor.. With repetition, connecting the breath to an organic response in your pelvic floor is ideal.  What’s better, is to also connect it to every day movements and challenging movements in dance class, where the possibility of compressing is possible with out your focused intent to do otherwise.  What’s best, is to retrain the body so you don’t have to think about it, it becomes as natural as your breath.

All of this is just a nut shell, a little piece of the puzzle that makes up a dynamic dancing body.


Taking Care

Remember to stay hydrated, our body is made up of over 70% water. It is essential to all body functions. If your lips are dry, you’re dehydrated.
Stretch frequently, if you sit or stand for long periods of time during the day it is a great stress reliever.
Do strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. While regular dances classes are great at some point in your life it will not be enough to maintain the same level of fitness or endurance (or weight!)  Good case in point: even with ten shows a week I was ten pounds heavier!!!!
Eat well and wisely, take essential nutrients and vitamins.
Remember get regular health check ups: Mammograms, sonograms, thermographs. EKGs, blood tests, pap smears etc. Crystal balls don’t detect cancer or heart disease, these tests do!!
Remember to honor and respect yourself and those around you.
Remember to feel you beauty.Remember to feel your strength.

She Dancing through Time

I call her She.  Just like captains of sea going vessels name their boats, or guys name their cars a feminine. I just call her She. She has been with me since before puberty.

I’m a life long dancer. What does that mean? Well, I’ve been making dances for myself and my friends since I was a small girl. When I say small, I mean even before I started school. I was one of those little girls who danced through her house, backyard and everywhere in between and when I stopped long enough to answer the question; “what do you want to be when you grow up”…a ballerina I would scream as danced away!

Well, I didn’t become a”ballerina”, (but took regular classes for 3 years straight in college),which is a good thing, as I would have been long retired now, and my joints wouldn’t be in as good a shape as they are! Through my childhood and adolescence I studied Hula, Tahitian (I lived in Hawaii for a couple of years), jazz and pre-hiphop….don’t what else to call it! I was a cheerleader and a gymnast. By the time puberty rolled around it was becoming obvious I didn’t have a “ballerina” body and was fast losing upper body strength to whip myself around those parallel bars. Didn’t matter, I still loved to dance and continued to study many dance forms throughout the years. In high school, I took a belly dance class, and I was hooked. My first teacher, Lynette  was a partner of Bert Balladine. (No, it’s not Lynette of Gilded Serpent), but they both had a beautiful head of long, blond, big curly hair! Enchanted with her and the dance, I took twice weekly classes from her for 2 years, until she retired. Thirty plus years have passed and I still wonder about her. She then referred me to DeAnn of Dream Dancers and Light Rain fame. Another blond, long, haired beauty! I had the fortune of performing with her troupe for many years and DeAnn was always very encouraging of my continued study even after the troupe disbanded and she quit teaching. She supported me so and encouraged my teaching. DeAnn has been gone since 1998, RIP friend and dancer extraordinaire. So today, I can say that I have taught for over 20 years (and still going strong, Thank You very Much)! I have had the honor of teaching hundreds of lovely women and a few men and some of them have been with me almost all that time!

So, today, I can also say that I have had an amazing performing career! Just imagine, when I started performing, there were no CD’s…we barely had any good cassette tapes. When I mean good…the whole set or side had to be good, to play all the way through. The technology to make a good set via cassette wasn’t easily available. When I started doing private parties, we didn’t have cell phones or a computer for that matter!!! No Google maps, I had paper maps! With no computers, all dance work was word of mouth, or they saw me dancing at a club or a wedding somewhere.

I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining foreign dignitaries, movie stars, and royalty. I’ve had the pleasure of working with my band for over 10 yrs. Yes, they were my band…I didn’t have to rotate or share my nights! I was in what I call the ‘tween generation.  In between Casbah and Baghdad days, where there were several dancers a night doing 40-50 minute sets.  My era, was after that! A lot of club owners were trying to clean house a little after and during all the debauchery of the times! I was lucky enough to work in an era of time where clubs had house dancers. Where my boss would always make sure I was fed, yes dinner and refreshments or even to go containers included.  And safe from any unwanted elements!!It was an era when musicians also had an interest in the music and making a dynamic show for a dancer, after all it was their show too; and if I looked good they did too! When each club closed and another opened (due to economic times) the band, singer and I would be hired by the management. Working with live music in a nightclub environment for appreciative Arab audiences was one of my preferred venue. Even today, I will see some of those customers and out comes the smart phone, where they have downloaded their daughter’s wedding video with me dancing!

At some point, I started to embrace the digital age. Hasn’t been easy! For a couple of years I was thinking I wasn’t smart enough for a smart phone! My mailing lists are now digital, I have a huge digital musical library that gets bigger and bigger. I’ve finally learned how to convert videos for YouTube, have converted most of my cassettes to digital form and have clients prepay via PayPal. I even have  Skype and Face-time students!

Today, five years after I’ve stopped performing regularly (at clubs; there are none left) I still can’t get to bed before 2 am on the weekends! I continue to teach regular classes, choreograph and dance with my student troupe, RaksTerayz and do at a few parties. In addition to my day gig (health care), I teach therapeutic movement (Lebed) to chronically ill patients and my form of “Body Lessons” that I have developed for myself and share my dances for anyone who wants them.

This is a chapter in the story of a little girl who dreamed of becoming  a ballerina and became a life long dancer instead.

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