Don’t Try This at Home!

I’m a big believer in homeopathics and natural remedys , some days, I have to pull out the big guns!  When you’ve got a terrible bug and you have to, just have to be there…You know when the “show must go on”…..Well today and tonight is one of those days…1) Food 1st…whether I feel like it or not, can’t take all those pills on an empty stomach. 2) Lots of water...more than usual.  I have a head cold so I’m breathing through my mouth alot.  3) 2 Extra strength Tylenol, 2 Advil, I like the gel caps, they dissolve faster, 2 Sudafed PE, non stimulating, it still opens your sinuses , Zyrtec, this is my favored antihistamine….it slows down all that mucous production. Yea, I know that was 7 pills, but  a girls got to do what a  girls got to do.  Of course, I need a little caffeine, if you can’t deal with that…have something hot, it will melt all those pills.  A packet or 2 of Emergen C can’t hurt either.
Then I have to stretch, stretch all my major muscle groups, all my deep ones too.  The ones that shortened up  like a dried rubber bands on the way home from the last gig.  Not a very good image….but while I’m doing it…I try to visualize soft supple taffy..ooh! feels better already.  Of course, I’m rolling and releasing on my balls and noodle.
Next step, pick my self up, freshen up my makeup, hit the road and do another show.
This really is not for the faint of heart….I don’t recommend this unless there are large amounts of $ involved or excessive amounts of passion or dedication to your dance.
If you have existing health problems with your liver or kidneys….forget it!  If you are on a MAOI,  forget about it, if you have heart problems…just don’t.  I recommend hot broth and CSI New York reruns.
That’s exactly what I’m going to do when I get home tonight.

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