GoodBye 2013, Hello 2014!

I don’t know if it’s due to the “grand Trine” or all the planets in Capricorn or if it’s the fault of my seemingly baseline,  genetic “malinconia”; one thing is prevalent to me…it feels EPIC. Yea, caps and all..poignant…..catastrophic, life changing all that.
I’ve felt it since the 1st week of December.
So many situations have taken my breath away since then. You know that feeling you get when you hear something about someone near and dear or remote to you that is so mind-blowing, you have that rapid intake of breath, followed by a little exhale that’s filled with heartache for their troubles. It’s been happening like that for me in rapid succession ….a lot like those weapons that should be outlawed that aren’t.
Seemingly hearty, healthy people felled by illnesses so dire, they could use the situation as script for a weekly hospital sitcom. Too many in fact that I’ve lost count…that bad. Loved ones near and dear, losing best friends, financial security, and emotional equilibrium while others face declining health.
All this happening…while I’m experiencing a clarity and optimism that almost feels alien me. I’ve learned a lot of powerful things and potent life lessons this year. Discarded a bunch of stuff too…literally and figuratively. And I’ve formulated epic plans for 2014 and beyond.
Simultaneously aware of the frailty of life and its temporary nature whirling around my head and heart as it continues to remind me of the thin line we all walk between here and gone.
It’s not all bad mind you! I’ve got 2 great friends who are winning the war on terminal illnesses, teaching me and inspiring others how to live while you are dying as they bid adios  to 2013.

Like I said it feels frickin EPIC to me!
Bring it on 2014!