LifeTime Achievements and Public Service Award for Amina Goodyear 2018


I had the honor of presenting at COS this year. In case you missed it!


Carnival of Stars 2018
Lifetime Achievement Award ++++A Lifetime of Service
Noone in our local community or in the US that I’m aware of has made as many important contributions as this artist, educator and promoter. She’s sponsored many world renowned scholars and acclaimed dancers to teach and present their work here in the SF Bay Area.
This artist has been a recipient of several Lifetime Achievement awards including American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (AAMED) Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement from BDUC, Lifetime Achievement award from Isis and the Belly Dance Chronicles.
This icon in our community has hosted many dance and music shows, and some would argue is almost single handedly keeping live music available to Bay Area dancers.
This dance artist who started her career in the 60’s at the Baghdad has continued to share, collaborate, teach, inspire and mentor generations of dancers in the SF Bay Area. We in the San Francisco Bay Area would like to present our own token of appreciation and respect to this generous artist.On behalf of Pepper and COS, it is my pleasure to present this award for lifetime Achievement. Please give a warm applause and Welcome to Amina.

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