Yes, boys and girls…before the blog, BC FB , BC Twitter, My Space…even before day planners, working dancers used to journal on cocktail napkins, matchbook covers, (yes, they smoked in clubs back then; not just nargeely and they smoked a lot)! and when they got home they made notes in the old fashioned cloth or leather bound journal.A little note of explanation for those of you too young to remember…women used to write in diaries, their private thoughts, impressions, experiences and aspirations.  As time wore on it became journaling. Now with blogging, twittering and posting, it is perfectly acceptable to present on line; often very intimate details as well as the mundane details to the masses.
So it is  the beauty of the web and the blog that allows us as dancers to document ourselves and our experiences as they occur and have an audience of readers become part of the experience in real time.  Many of these stories will be different…they are memories…reflections on past events…sometimes in no particular order. Sometimes no rhyme or reason…except for amusement.
It has been many moons,  6 Administrations, too many to count, Middle East Crisis`, and  even after a year and a half of not performing every weekend I still haven’t resorted to a “normal sleep cycle” on the weekends, but I have managed to cull through my matchbooks, business cards, cocktail napkins, stickems and journals to piece together some pretty darn entertaining tales.
So dear readers forgive the grammar, amateurish writing, add on sentences…remember its from the diary of a mad dancer…….
As I reveal myself to you I hope to keep us both amused and teach us something!  These are the ramblings from the Diary of a Mad Dance or Raks Majnoon!

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