REMOTE LEARNING all class levels are streamed via ZOOM


May 2021~

Saturdays 11:30-1pm Intermediate/Advanced

6 class card $90.00

Tuesdays 7:30-9pm Intermediate

6 class card $90.00

Wednesdays 7:30-9pm
Beginners 6 week Session
next one starts

July 14, 2021

6 class card $90.00

 All Drop-Ins $20


Pay via PayPal to family & friends, type in note section which class/date/quantity you are interested in.
(You can “copy and paste” the above for ease)

Register with payment at least one hour prior to class, as after that time I won’t be able to “process” you in for an invite!

So evening classes that means 6:30 pm and Saturdays is 10:30 am

Allow up to 24 hrs for an invite from Zoom.

Contact me with any issues

Please read below for tips on using this format.

Hi, Welcome! You will need to run your cursor along the bottom of the screen to get your audio and video on. Please make sure your screen is at eye level. If you have a laptop, perch on a bookshelf, etc, if you are using an iPad, consider a tripod. It’s really important to have it as close to eye level as you can, so you are not looking down. If you learn by visuals, you could hook into your bigger(smart)TV screen. If you learn by auditory/words, you may consider “amping” the sound into your stereo so my voice is louder.

When someone speaks or noise is made, that person’s screen goes into full screen. At the beginning I will have you all muted until we start, so can we gather. Try to get “speaker view”, and then take your ” my window”, click on it and select “pin”. A view of me/video window then comes to full screen and stays there, uninterrupted by others in the class, instead of having other’s video windows taking the screen if they make the slightest noise. We can also interact when we are all in this setting. Also, I’ll be using my “showing a mirror” view, you may want that as well, if you are keeping a screen of yourself on screen.

We’ll check our technology before we start, let me know about sound visuals, etc. Thanks for your patience! T

DO NOT need to create a Zoom account to access the live classes.
Here are the simple steps to join the classes. Once you make the payment you will receive the meeting ID to join the class.

There are two ways to access Zoom

1. Join using your mobile phone (available on both Apple and Andriod phones).
a. Download the “Zoom” app on your mobile phone
b. Once the app is installed, click on the app
c. On the home screen, click on “Join a meeting”
d. Enter the 10 digit meeting ID provided to you
e. Enter your name and click join

2. Join using your laptop or desktop
a. Go to
b. Click on “Join a Meeting” in the top right corner
c. Enter the 10 digit meeting ID for the class (provided to you by me)
d. Enter your name and click join

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Stay safe and healthy.


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