Waikiki…There’s Something about it I Love….

November 2012

November 2012 Plumeria

There’s Something about it I Love…
I’m talking Waikiki..I love it in the summer, when it’s but to bellybutton crowded and I love it in the winter when it’s filled with rainstorms, jellyfish and rainbows.
Maybe, it’s because I spent some of my childhood there and have some very lighthearted and fun memories of hula dance, tether-ball and Nancy’s Kitchen at Ala Moana. Maybe, it’s because particles of my Mother’s bones stuck to my face as my sister and I scattered her ashes in the sea there….Maybe it’s because I recognize my sister’s gait in this picture of my Father as he tries to dance with the hula dancer at Waikiki.
Maybe  it’s because I am always able to connect again with my long time lover….a man that because of our lifestyle choices, we are not able to wake up side by side very often…

Waikiki  from Diamond Head 11/2012

Waikiki from Diamond Head 11/2012

Maybe it’s because I can reconnect again with nature’s clock…rising with the sun and witnessing the sunset in all her glory…

There’s just something about it I love…..November 2012

Dad dancing...1961 RIP Dad           Dad dancing at Waikiki 1961 RIP Dad

In the local tradition, scattering of the ashes, followed by flowers...2004

In the local tradition, scattering of the ashes, followed by flowers…2004 RIP Momma