Dangerous Beauties Fusion Belly Dance!

Don’t let the name fool you, these women are drop dead beauties! Straight from their website…. Embodying the characters of real world femme fatales, this living history belly dance performance tells the unique story of the world’s most powerful women, often too enchanting to be understood and too wild to be bound by love, social hierarchies and rules.  An all-star cast of award-winning international belly dance performers resurrect the nuances of the art of seduction and honor the power of femininity while capturing the essence of historical costuming and dance forms as they define each woman.  Mata Hari, Cleopatra, Salome, Sirens, Elizabeth Bathory, Lillith and others leap of the pages of history books, paintings, and tin types and reach into your heart.
Founding members Surreyya Hada and Nyla Crystal, originally proposed this idea to me several years ago.  Like the “seasoned professional”  I am (read in between the lines)!!  I heaped praises for their idea and heaped encouragement.  Many ambitious  ideas have been presented to me, by students (them), musicians, videographers, concert promoters….I usually just take the “let’s wait and see attitude”.  all the while, I’m thinking, they want me to be someone else!! OMG!  I’ve spent the bulk of my puberty and all my adult life dancing and trying to be more comfortable in my own skin…and I’m supposed to portray someone else…YIKES!!!
Well, I had the pleasure of performing with these lovelies on local turf and had a blast!  Then on the road to Aqaba in January 2012, I broke my bow (whole another tale) and when the ideas of bus rides came to be…well, I bailed!  Despite getting generous reviews, I realized I’d like to milk my creative juices in other ways.  I’ve had this music in mind for many years, and the Dangerous Beauties are the perfect group to bring my choreography to life!!  So while the Beauties are on tour, I’m hanging close to home and making a dance for them, just for them! I kind of fancy myself the private choreographer to the Beauties!  And as soon as they stay in one place long enough, we’ll put this dance together.  In the mean time, Go see this awesome show!! Check out their site, follow on Facebook, read their reviews….They are Dangerous!  Uhh,  yea…so are my breasts hanging out of that costume! Dangerous, I mean!