My Thighs Slapping Together!

On one of those hot summer nights, where nature’s air conditioner had taken the night off….Set the stage.

At the time the Renaissance Fair was still at Black Point and one of the guilds was having a party. I just called them the guild of handsome young buff men in leather and metals! You know the type? Buff, big muscles…vibrant…way before Johnny Depp but that same appealing rogue… ladies, I know you know what I mean!
It was a packed house that Saturday night.  It always was, which I was always amazed at…so out of the way…but they offer a real dining experience suitable for all.  One year there was a review on Moroccan themed restaurants in the San Francisco Chronicle.  There was a comparison between dance shows at Mammounia (where I was) and Pasha (where I would later work) …..the reviewer alluded to something off-color about the dancer at Pasha, I don’t recall exactly what now, but categorized Mammounia’s dancer (me) as your exotic fantasy of the girl next door!! Some weird statement like that, but essentially suggested our place was more family friendly.
Anyway, that night I was headed into the “red room”….remember the small rooms have small speakers.  Those of you who  know me intimately, I always want my music louder….If I can’t hear it I can’t feel it.  I can always tell how challenging it will be by how much noise I can  hear even before I go in.  It was going to be tough, the guests were really loud.
Well they were loud until I  glided into the room, finger cymbals ringing, hips a swaying, all I heard was a collective gasp from all of these effing beautiful men!!!!  OK! said self here I go, and we all proceeded to enjoy my dancing. This is all in silence mind you except for the small speaker, the swish of my skirts on my skin, the tinkle of delicate coins on my bra and belt and zilling.   As the moments wore on and our mutual awareness meshed (that’s really the only way I can describe it)! and the music began to change  to pulsating drumming…my body started to respond. Another sound infiltrated the moment….it took me a moment or two to realize what it was; it was my sweaty inner thighs slapping together as I shimmied!  At the same time I realized what it was, so did my audience…now I had groans accompanying me as I danced!